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LPD3 Edit badges


LPD3 Edit badges

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In this online activity you will learn to edit the badge that participants of your activity can earn by taking part or doing tasks in your learning activity. A badge is an online mini credential.

You will work independently with when necessary support from Eastern-Cape Region of Learning.

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LPD3 Edit badges Get this badge

The owner of this badge has indepently, with help where necessary, edited an Open Badge at the Eastern Cape Region of Learning Platform. A badge is a mini digital credential.
You have to finish all tasks to get the badge
Task no. 1
Evidence verified by: self-approve
Read the resources shared as attachement in this activity. If you prefer, you can print them but that is not necessary.
Task no. 2
Evidence verified by: self-approve
With use of the resources from this activity you can start editing the Open Badge and publish it at the Eastern Cape Region of Learning.
Task no. 3
Evidence verified by: One activity organiser
Describe 1 thing that went well while editing the badge and 1 thing that could be done better.

What you describe in this field will be red by a coordinator of Eastern Cape Region of Learning. It gives the possibility to get support where necessary.

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Personal development
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Time to complete: 15 minutes


Eastern Cape Region of Learning

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