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Study Visit 'Digital literacies for youth with fewer opportunities' in Port Elizabeth

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Study Visit 'Digital literacies for youth with fewer opportunities' in Port Elizabeth



During this Study Visit participants from South Africa, Nigeria, Lithuania and The Netherlands will
  • understand each others realities (recognising synergies and complementarities); amplify thecollaboration agreements; to kick start the project
  • increase the international cooperation, the exchange of information and experiences, maintainingcontact on appropriate areas of training and development by visiting local stakeholders
  • deepen the sharing of best practice and research to support and engross the mind about lifelonglearning and digital literacy and improving European-African cooperations.
  • deepen sense of community of educators and youth workers dealing with digital literacy and 21stcentury skills in Europe and Africa.
Participants will visit several organisations in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Picture (c) Ola Dapo

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