Eastern Cape Region of Learning
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Digital Generation Youth meets Nelson Mandelay Bay i-HUB.

DGY meets Nelson Mandela Bay i-HUB.

The owner of this badge participated in a meeting at Nelson Mandela Bay i-HUB. i-Hub showcased their best practices in development of ICT competences and how to deliver education programmes on a) digital literacy and b) 21st century skills development.. There has been a focus on technologies that have the potential for disrupting existing value chains to facilitate market access whilst contributing to social development including automation and robotics, educational technology, smart agriculture, big data analytics, cloud computing and blockchain technology.

During this event at Nelson Mandelay Bay i-HUB the Eastern-cape.regionoflearning.eu platform has been officially launched.
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Digital Generation Youth meets Nelson Mandelay Bay i-HUB.


Eastern Cape Region of Learning
Badgecraft hosts this platform and develops it together with leading educational organisations. The European Union's programme Erasmus+ granted co-funding for building the first version of this platform. Contact support@badgecraft.eu.
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